white rum cocktail with lime and cinnamon and mint leaves

25 White Rum Cocktails—Simple Light or Silver Rum Drinks

White rum cocktails take us back to sunny beach days. You can’t go wrong, whether sipping on a classic Mojito or mixing something new.

White rum cocktails (also known as Clear, Light or Silver Rum drinks) are a favorite for many. They’re among the top drinks you can make at home with a clear spirit. They’re not just well-liked; they’re also easy to mix. You can quickly make great rum drinks with basic ingredients and well-known recipes. As you learn more about these drinks, you’ll come across cool cocktail names like “Rum Runner”, “Hurricane”, and “Beachcomber”. So, when you want a cool drink, remember that making these cocktails is simple and fun.

Our Top 5: We love white rum drinks! First is the Mojito, which is minty and tangy. Next is the Daiquiri with its simple mix. We also love the tropical Piña Colada. The Cuba Libre is cool with cola, and the Caipirissima is sweet and tangy. These mixed drinks make us think of good times!

25 Best White Rum Cocktails

Our team at DrinksWorld has experimented with many recipes and created a selection of notable drinks using white rum.


A side shot of a Mojito cocktail in a highball glass on a white marmol table with half of a lime on the side

The Mojito hails from Cuba and is one of its most iconic drinks. Legend has it that this refreshing cocktail was a favorite of the famous writer Ernest Hemingway when he lived in Havana. The combination of mint and lime gives it a refreshing taste, perfect for hot days.


A side shot of a Daiquiri cocktail in a coupe glass on a black stone plate placed on a blue table with two half miles in front and a shaker, a jigger and a basket with limes on the background.

The Daiquiri is a true classic named after a small village in Cuba. With just three ingredients, it shows how simple can often be best. This drink became popular in the US in the early 1900s, and its fame skyrocketed when President John F. Kennedy declared it his favorite cocktail.

Piña Colada

If you love tropical vibes, the Piña Colada is for you. Originating in Puerto Rico, this cocktail instantly transports you to the beach with its creamy coconut and tangy pineapple flavors. Fun fact: it’s been Puerto Rico’s national drink since 1978!

Cuba Libre

A side shot of a Cuba Libre cocktail in a highball glass with two half limes on the side and a basket with limes on the background.

The Cuba Libre, which means “Free Cuba”, is more than just a rum and cola. Its name and creation are tied to the end of the Spanish-American War. When served with a wedge of lime, it’s a nod to freedom and the Cuban spirit.


A side shot of a Caipirissima cocktail in a old fashioned glass on a square coaster placed on a green cloth with cocktail tools and plants on the background

The Caipirissima is a twist on Brazil’s famous Caipirinha but swaps out cachaça for white rum. Like its sibling, it’s all about muddling the lime and sugar together to get that sweet and tangy flavor. It’s a testament to how versatile and international cocktails can be.

Tom Collins

A side shot of a Tom Collins cocktail in a Highball glass on a stone plate placed on a marmol table, with a shaker, a jigger, an orange and a bar spoon in the background

Originally a gin-based drink, swapping gin for white rum becomes a refreshing and fizzy delight. The Tom Collins is served in a tall glass, often with a cherry and a slice of lemon as garnish. Fun fact: It’s named after a hoax in New York in the 1870s called “The Great Tom Collins Hoax.”

Mai Tai

A side shot of a Mai Tai cocktail in a rocks glass on a wooden coaster placed on a brown placemat on a white table with a cinnamon stick and a lime wheel on a side, in front of a cocktail shaker and three limes.

A tropical treat that means “very good” in Tahitian. The Mai Tai is a colorful cocktail with a fruity and nutty flavor. Legend says it was invented in the 1940s in California, though two different bars claim to be its birthplace!

Rum Punch

A party staple in the Caribbean, Rum Punch is all about its fruity flavors. The saying “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak” is an old rhyme used to remember the recipe.

Hemingway Daiquiri

A side shot of a Hemingway Daiquiri cocktail in a cocktail glass on a red cloth placed on a white table with a plate full with maraschino cherries, two limes, and half grapefruit around, in front of a yellow and blue wall.

This is a tangy variant of the classic Daiquiri named after Ernest Hemingway. It’s said Hemingway loved rum it so much he’d have doubles, which were eventually called “Papa Dobles” in his honor.

Rum Sour

A side shot of a Rum Sour cocktail in a rocks glass on a white table with a white cloth, a jigger and a shaker around.

Like a Whiskey Sour, but with rum! The egg white (if added) gives it a creamy froth on top. Cocktails with egg whites have been around since the 19th century, making them classic choices for those in the know.

Coconut Mojito

A side shot of a Coconut Mojito cocktail in a highball glass on a coaster placed on a green cloth on a tiled surface surrounded by sugar cubes, a bar spoon, limes, a shaker, and a white cloth, in front of a light yellow wall.

A tropical spin on the traditional Mojito. Adding coconut cream gives this cocktail a creamy texture and tropical flavor, making you feel like you’re on a beach vacation.

Blue Hawaii

A side shot of Blue Hawaii cocktail in a hurricane glass on a wooden coaster placed on a wooden tray surrounded by white cloth two pineapple slices.

This vibrant blue cocktail instantly stands out. Invented in Hawaii in the 1950s, it’s like a tropical postcard in a glass, both in taste and appearance.

Rum Runner

A Rum Runner cocktail, shot from a side, in a highball glass with three pineapple wedges on a wooden plate surrounded by a jigger, a shaker and a pineapple fruit

Named after the real rum runners who smuggled during Prohibition, this fruity drink is packed with berry and banana flavors.

Rum Rickey

A side shot of a Rum Rickey cocktail in highball glass on a black stone coaster on a white table surrounded by four limes, a metal straw, and a green cloth, in front of a grey wall.

It’s a fizzy and zesty cocktail that was traditionally made with gin. This version offers a sweeter and more tropical twist. The “Rickey” part of the name dates back to an American lobbyist, Colonel Joe Rickey, who inspired the drink in the 1880s.

Rum Swizzle

A side shot of a Rum Swizzle cocktail in a Collins glass on a coaster placed on a surface with brown tiles surrounded by a bar spoon, a straw, a jigger, a red book, two limes, and two oranges, in front of a light green wall.

Known as Bermuda’s national drink, the Rum Swizzle is a mix of sweet, sour, and slightly bitter flavors. “swizzle” refers to the traditional method of stirring the drink with a special swizzle stick.

Bahama Mama

A side shot of a Bahama Mama cocktail in a highball glass on a wooden coaster placed on a dark brown wooden table with a green plant on the brackground

This vibrant cocktail takes its inspiration directly from the sun-kissed shores of the Bahamas. With a mix of three different spirits, it’s a heady and tropical treat. The name, while fun and catchy, is a nod to the rich and diverse culture of the Bahamas. When sipped, it’s as if you’re lounging on a Bahamian beach, with the waves gently crashing nearby.


A side shot of a Zombie cocktail in a tall glass on a blue cloth surrounded by oranges, pineapple, limes, a jigger and a shaker, placed on a blue table in front of a green wall.

A drink with a curious name, the Zombie traces its roots to the tiki culture of the 1930s. Donn Beach, the founder of the famous Don the Beachcomber bar, reportedly crafted this drink to help a hangover customer. It’s said that after drinking it, the customer exclaimed that it made him feel like the living dead, hence the name. 

White Cuban

A White Cuban cocktail, shot from above, in an old fashioned glass on a green cloth placed on a tiled surface, surrounded by coffee beans, and a jigger.

A creamy twist on the famous Black Russian, the White Cuban marries the tropical notes with the deep richness of coffee. The cocktail is a testament to the versatility of white rum, proving that it can be both refreshing in light concoctions and indulgent in creamy mixtures. It’s a delightful after-dinner drink that hints at the Caribbean nightlife.


A side shot of a Painkiller cocktail in a highball glass on a wooden coaster placed on a white marmol table, surrounded by two half oranges and a jigger

The Painkiller is a sailor’s delight born in the British Virgin Islands. Crafted initially at the Soggy Dollar Bar, where patrons would swim to the bar, spending their drenched bills, the cocktail promises a sweet escape from life’s pains. Its tropical ingredients and a dash of warming nutmeg make it the perfect antidote to a rough day.

Ti’ Punch

A side shot of a Ti' Punch cocktail in a small Tumbler glass on a white cloth with some limes around.

A staple in the French Caribbean, especially Martinique and Guadeloupe, “Ti'” stands for “petit” or “small” in Creole. The drink is often served as an aperitif. The beauty of this cocktail lies in its simplicity and deep connection to the islands culture. It’s more than just a drink; it’s a ritual where drinkers are encouraged to customize their balance of sweetness and tartness.

Sea Breeze

A side shot of a Sea Breeze cocktail in a highball glass on a wooden tray placed on a marmol table

While traditionally a vodka-based drink, the Sea Breeze transforms into a tropical refresher when made with white rum. The sea’s cool winds and the sun’s warmth are captured in a glass. Thanks to the cranberry juice, the pink hue makes it a visual delight.

Planter’s Punch

A side shot of a Planter's Punch cocktail in highball glass on a wooden tray placed on a yellow table with oranges, limes, a straw, a knife, and plant leaves around.

With its origins in Jamaica, Planter’s Punch has an old rhyme: “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak.” This age-old formula ensures a perfect blend of flavors. The cocktail’s name is believed to be tied to the old plantations, where it was a favorite among the planters.

Cable Car

A side shot of a Cable Car cocktail in a cocktail glass on a yellow tray placed on a beige table surrounded by a green cloth and a bowl with lemon pieces

A modern classic was invented in the 1990s at the Starlight Room in San Francisco. The cocktail’s name and inspiration come from the city’s iconic cable cars. The cinnamon sugar rim gives this drink a unique twist, making it a delightful tangy, sweet, and spicy balance.

Rum Flip

A side shot of a Rum Flip cocktail in a coupe glass on a white cloth placed on a wooden table with four nutmegs and an egg around.

Flips have been around since colonial times, often seen as a warming winter drink. The Rum Flip is a rich and nourishing drink with a creamy texture from the whole egg. It’s a liquid dessert, and the sprinkle of nutmeg on top makes it perfect for cozy nights.

El Floridita

A side shot of an El Floridita Daiquiri cocktail in a cocktail glass on a white cloth placed on a yellow table with two limes around, in front of a plant, a jigger, a shaker, and a salmon wall.

It is named after the famous El Floridita bar in Havana, Cuba, where Hemingway was known to enjoy his drinks. This cocktail is a sweeter and more colorful variant of the Daiquiri. The maraschino liqueur adds a cherry-almond flavor.

Top 5 white rum brands (aka Silver or Light) to use in cocktails (Yes, Bacardi made the list… )

We requested our DrinksWorld specialists and bartenders to recommend the top white rums for mixing. These are their top choices:

  1. Bacardi

    Bacardi started in Cuba in 1862. Today, people everywhere recognize its bat logo. This smooth rum is popular for classic drinks like Mojitos and Daiquiris.

  2. Havana Club

    Havana Club also comes from Cuba and began in 1934. It offers a strong and rich flavor, capturing the spirit of Cuban beaches and parties. When you add Havana Club to a cocktail, you get a little touch of vacation.

  3. Captain Morgan

    Many know Captain Morgan for spiced rum, but their white rum shines, too. They distill it five times to make sure it’s clean and pure. It’s great in a mix with a fun pirate name and smooth taste.

  4. Mount Gay

    Mount Gay comes from Barbados. It’s special because it’s one of the oldest brands, starting in 1703. It has a slightly sweet flavor, which makes it a favorite for mixing in various drinks.

  5. Wray and Nephew

    This one stands out because of its strong taste. Made in Jamaica, Wray and Nephew packs a punch. People love it in traditional Jamaican drinks, which always leaves an impression.

Other Rum types


This type has a deeper color with hints of caramel and vanilla. Great for sipping or mixing.


Dark rum offers strong molasses and chocolate notes. It’s a favorite in desserts and warm drinks.


This type is infused with spices like vanilla and cinnamon and stands out in flavor. It’s ideal with cola or in a punch.


With a high alcohol content, overproof rum brings strength and boldness. Use sparingly in cocktails for an extra kick.


Sitting in barrels for years, aged rum is rich in flavors like tobacco and tropical fruits. Best enjoyed straight.

When to serve white rum cocktails?

  • Summer Days: White rum cocktails are great for summer because they’re light and refreshing, perfect for barbecues and pool parties.
  • Tropical Vibes: For beach or island-themed parties, white rum fits right in, giving that Caribbean feel.
  • Day Events: Their lightness makes white rum drinks popular for daytime gatherings like brunches and picnics.
  • Casual Hangouts: For relaxed times with friends or watching a game, white rum cocktails keep things simple and tasty.

More Rum Drinks:

Besides white rum drinks, other rum drinks make tasty cocktails worth trying:

Other classic drinks:


  1. How is white rum different from dark rum? White rum is typically aged for a shorter period than dark rum, and it’s often filtered to remove any color. Dark rum has a deeper, richer flavor due to its longer aging process.
  2. Is white rum good for beginners? Yes, its light and mild flavor makes it an excellent choice for those new to rum or cocktails.
  3. What mixers go well with white rum? Common mixers include coke, ginger ale, fruit juices (like pineapple, orange, or lime), and soda water.
  4. How long does a white rum cocktail last once made? For the best taste, consume it immediately. However, if needed, you can refrigerate it for a day.
  5. What fruits pair well with white rum cocktails? Lime, lemon, pineapple, mango, and berries.
  6. Is ice necessary? Ice chills and dilutes the drink, enhancing the flavors. Most cocktails benefit from ice, but it’s not mandatory.
  7. What glasses are best for white rum cocktails? Depending on the cocktail, you might use a tumbler, martini, or highball glass.

Easy white rum cocktail: Daiquiri Recipe (and 24 More)

Check out this easy daiquiri recipe! It’s a simple yet tasty choice with rum, lime juice, and syrup.

Refresh yourself with this uncomplicated Daiquiri recipe! It blends rum, lime juice, and simple syrup to create a cool beverage.
Prep time: 1 minute
Mixing time: 1 minute
Servings: 1
Calories: 176


  • 2 oz White Rum
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • ½ oz simple syrup
  • Ice cubes
  • Lime wheel - for garnish, optional


  • Shaker
  • Measuring Jigger
  • Strainer & Fine-strainer
  • Coupe Glass


  • Chill the Glass: Place your Martini glass in the freezer for a few hours or fill it with ice cubes to chill.
  • Add Simple Syrup: Add ½ oz simple syrup into the shaker.
  • Add Lime Juice: Measure and pour 1 oz fresh lime juice juice into the shaker.
  • Add Rum: Pour 2 oz White Rum into the shaker.
  • Add Ice: Fill the shaker with ice cubes.
  • Shake Well: Shake the ingredients vigorously for about 15 seconds.
  • Strain: Fine-strain the mixture into a chilled coupe glass.



  • Rum: When I don't have white rum, I use gold rum; it gives the Daiquiri a richer flavor and a lovely color. I've also tried flavored rums for a unique twist.
  • Lime Juice: In the absence of limes, I've used lemon juice; it alters the taste but still makes a delicious drink.
  • Simple Syrup: Agave syrup or honey can replace simple syrup if you prefer a different sweetener.

Making a Pitcher of Daiquiri:

  • Scale: To serve 8, use 16 oz of rum, 8 oz of lime juice, and 4 oz of simple syrup.
  • Mix: Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and stir well.
  • Serve: Pour into ice-filled glasses, garnish with a lime wheel, and serve immediately.

Making it Non-Alcoholic:

  • Rum Substitute: Use a non-alcoholic rum alternative or coconut water for a tropical flavor.
  • Proceed As Usual: Replace the rum with the non-alcoholic substitute and follow the original steps to enjoy a non-alcoholic Daiquiri.

Making it Vegan:

The Daiquiri recipe is inherently vegan, as it contains no animal products. However, be mindful of the sugar in the simple syrup; opt for a vegan-certified sugar to ensure it complies with vegan standards.


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