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DrinksWorld.com is on a mission to become the world’s best and most trusted platform devoted to booze. A one-stop shop for up-to-the-minute news and views on cocktails, recipes, spirits, wine, beer, new brands, destinations, events and more.

As for our credentials? We’re an independent publishing website, devised and created by a cocktail-obsessed collective with over 20 years experience.

And here’s what sets us apart from the rest:


We’re not just another cocktail site. We’re the ultimate knowledge bank and we keep building on our expertise.


We’re a hub for both online and real-world communities of cocktail enthusiasts and mixology professionals.


We explore cocktails, news, bars, and events in depth, sparking curiosity and wanderlust in both our writers and readers.


We come with practical skills and and a extensive background in mixology.

But most of all, we are here because of our love for drinks, in all their shapes and sizes. And hopefully, so are you.

Meet the team

Karina Reyes

Product manager

Karina Reyes

Product manager

Meet Karina Reyes, DrinksWorld’s Paris-based Texan serving as Product Manager.  She has spent her career building her expertise in content and product development. With a Bachelor of Arts in both Studio Art and English Writing & Rhetoric from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, she’s transformed her creative background into viewing each process or product she’s involved in with a multi-layered lens. With roles ranging from an operations manager, a newspaper editor, a literature teacher and a product manager, she’s honed a passion and expertise in delivering quality products and creating streamlined processes in diverse environments.

Vicente Vidal

General manager

General manager, Vicente Vidal, whose career in the beverage and cocktail industry spans over a decade. Vicente served as the General Manager at the European Bartender School, where he honed his extensive knowledge and expertise. His journey includes an essential milestone —a Harvard Business School alumnus, reflecting his commitment to excellence and continuous learning at the highest level.

Vicente Vidal

General manager

Malin Furuhäll

IT leader

Malin Furuhäll

IT leader

Meet Malin Furuhäll, IT project leader at DrinksWorld. Based in Sweden she brings a dynamic blend of project management expertise and a passion for the beverage industry after spending 10 years at European Bartender School. Armed with a project management degree focused on IT, Malin also has five years of experience as an IT systems project manager. Committed to perpetual learning, her goal is to embrace continuous growth and innovation.

Teo Georgiev

General manager

Meet Teo Georgiev, Webmaster and tech enthusiast based in Tenerife, who initially embarked on an academic journey in naval engines at the University of Tenerife. After returning to Spain from an eight-year stint in Germany, he decided to change career paths, diving into the world of programming and web development in 2021. This marked the beginning of an exciting venture into the IT sector, where he has since worked within machine learning environments. In his current role as a webmaster, he has found ample opportunities to develop and grow in the IT world. Known for being detail-oriented, Teo harbors a deep love for learning new things, constantly expanding his expertise and skills in the dynamic field of technology.

Teo Georgiev


Meet the collaborators

New Spirit Studio

Web development

New Spirit Studio

Web development

New Spirit Studio, founded by Roger Bach and Marc Celeiro in Barcelona, works on the development and design of digital and multimedia communication solutions. They love big challenges, especially those involving the creation of immersive and memorable experiences. Their team of experts in graphic design, web development, and audiovisual production is dedicated to transforming complex ideas into tangible realities, with an innovative approach and a passion for cutting-edge technology.

Overproof Media

Creative agency

Overproof Media is a creative agency focused on the Food & Beverage industry with a vision to be the go-to content creator agency for brands who value the importance of a professionally executed creative service that captures the best of their business.

Overproof Media

Creative agency​

Editorial Guidelines

At DrinksWorld, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Our dedicated editorial team meticulously curates every story and recipe we publish, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and relevance. We believe in authentic, unbiased content.

Occasionally, you may receive emails showcasing products of offers from our sponsors. We value transparency, so any paid content will always be clearly labelled as “Partner Tip” or “Sponsored.” These partnerships help sustain our platform, allowing us to continue delivering top-notch editorial stories.

Rest assured, we prioritize your privacy.

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Become a valuable member of our dynamic team at DrinksWorld. We’re on a mission to inspire and educate our readers, and we’re looking for talented individuals to join us on this exciting journey.

Join our crew of top-notch editors, creative designers, skilled programmers and more as we work together to make a meaningful impact in the world of bartending, drinks and beverages.

If you’re passionate about the industry, dedicated to quality, and eager to contribute your expertise, we want to hear from you. Explore our current job openings and be a part of our mission to bring valuable content and experiences to our diverse and enthusiastic audience.

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Are you a passionate writer with a deep love for cocktails, spirits,= and the world of beverages? If you have a unique perspective, expertise, or simply a knack for storytelling, we invite you to contribute to DrinksWorld.

At DrinksWorld, we’re always on the lookout for talented writers to join our community. Whether you’re an industry expert, a mixology enthusiast, or someone with a fascinating beverage-related story to tell, we want to hear from you.

Share your insights, recipes, reviews, or experiences with our diverse and engaged audience. Your words can inspire and educate others in the world of bartending and drinks.

Join us in our mission to become the ultimate destination for all things beverages. Write for us, and let’s craft exceptional content together, raising the bar in the world of mixology and beyond.

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