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Valentine’s Day Cocktails—Love Potion In A Glass

As Valentine’s Day approaches, there’s no better way to celebrate love than with a carefully-crafted cocktail. Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner at home or want to toast to love, our collection of fun Valentine’s Day cocktails and drinks will surely add a touch of magic to your evening.

In this article, we’ve handpicked a variety of Valentine’s Day cocktails to suit every mood. From playful drinks with naughty names to romantic libations in hues of pink and red or featuring decadent chocolate, there’s something for everyone. With starring flavors like raspberry, pomegranate, strawberry, and blood orange, these cocktails celebrate love in all its forms. We also understand that not everyone may want an alcoholic beverage, so we’ve thoughtfully included non-alcoholic substitutes for some of the cocktails.

So, as February 14th approaches, get ready to stir up some romance with these easy Valentine-themed mixed drinks.

20 Best Valentine’s Cocktails and Drinks — Fun and easy to make!

Kir Royale

A side shot of a Kir Royale cocktail in a champagne flute on a white marmol table with a shaker and a jigger on the background

The Kir Royale is like a timeless love story elegantly narrated in a cocktail glass. This mix of champagne and crème de cassis creates a luxurious drink that sparkles with romance. Its rich red hue adds passion to your Valentine’s Day celebration, making each sip feel like a cherished moment shared between two lovers.

Raspberry Martini

A Raspberry Martini cocktail in a martini glass on a wooden background with a bowl full with raspberries.

If you could bottle the excitement of new love, it would taste like the Raspberry Martini. A vibrant blend of vodka and fresh raspberries gives this cocktail its fiery red color and tantalizing sweet-tart flavor. It’s an adventurous choice for those looking to add zest to their Valentine’s Day festivities.

Substitute the vodka with a non-alcoholic alternative available on the market such as ‘USKO Vodka alternative’ or ‘STRYKK not vodka’ for an aromatized touch and enjoy this martini drink non-alcoholic.

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Chocolate Martini

A side shot of a Chocolate Martini cocktail in a martini glass on a beige cloth with chocolate squares on a side, placed on dark brown table.

Love is sweet, but the Chocolate Martini might just be sweeter. This indulgent cocktail combines vodka, chocolate liqueur, and cream into a dessert-like treat that’s as comforting as a lover’s embrace. It’s perfect for couples seeking to end their Valentine’s Day dinner on an enchantingly rich note.

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A side shot of a Cosmopolitan cocktail in a martini glass on a silver coaster placed on a white marmol table with two orange slices on the side.

This cocktail is like the urban love story of Valentine’s Day – sleek, modern, and a little bit sassy. The Cosmopolitan combines citron vodka, cranberry juice, lime, and triple sec to create a drink that’s as vibrant and captivating as city lights. Its deep pink hue adds a romantic touch to any celebration.

Make a non-alcoholic Virgin Cosmopolitan by replacing the vodka with a non-alcoholic alternative and triple sec with orange syrup.

Love Potion No. 9

A Love Potion No. 9 cocktail in a martini glass with a black background.

As mysterious and enchanting as its name suggests, Love Potion No. 9 is the cocktail embodiment of a secret admirer’s declaration of love. This magical blend often includes gin or vodka with hints of citrus and exotic fruits, creating an irresistible allure that might make your Valentine fall in love at first sip.

Tip: For those who prefer their potions without alcohol, there is the Love Potion Cocktail – a non-alcoholic variant that retains all the sweet charm of its spirited counterpart.

Pink Squirrel

A Pink Squirrel cocktail in a martini glass on a white background.

The Pink Squirrel is the sweetheart of Valentine’s Day cocktails – cute, playful, and hard to resist! This creamy dessert-like drink combines crème de noyaux (almond-flavored liqueur), white crème de cacao, and heavy cream for a sweetly satisfying concoction. Its soft pink color makes it an endearing choice for celebrating love on this special day.

Use almond milk instead of crème de noyaux and chocolate milk instead of crème de cacao to make the Pink Squirrel non-alcoholic.

Pomegranate Martini

A Pomegranate Martini cocktail in a martini glass on a wooden surface with two limes, some plant leaves and a pomegranate around.

This cocktail is like a passionate love letter served in a glass. The Pomegranate Martini blends vodka with pomegranate juice to create a more captivating drink than a lover’s gaze. Its deep red hue and sweet-tart flavor profile make it an irresistible choice for Valentine’s Day.

Strawberry Margarita

A side shot of a Strawberry Margarita in a hurricane glass on a silver metal tray on a black table surrounded by a strainer, a red cloth and a strawberry.

If you could capture the essence of a playful romance, it would taste like the Strawberry Margarita. This cocktail combines tequila, fresh strawberries, lime juice, and triple sec into a vibrant blend that’s as refreshing as new love. It’s the perfect choice for couples wanting to add fun to their Valentine’s Day celebration.

Espresso Martini

A side shot of a Espresso Martini cocktail in a martini glass on a dark wooden table surrounded by coffee beans.

For those who love coffee almost as much as they love their partners, the Espresso Martini is the perfect choice this Valentine’s Day. Combining vodka, coffee liqueur, and freshly brewed espresso, this cocktail is like a passionate late-night conversation poured into a martini glass.

To make it non-alcoholic, you can omit the alcohol and mix espresso with simple syrup and a dash of cream if desired.


A Rossini cocktail in a champagne flute with a hand holding a stick with a strawberry over the glass.

Imagine sipping on a summer romance in the middle of February – that’s what enjoying a Rossini feels like! Made with puréed strawberries and Prosecco, this cocktail brings together bubbly effervescence and fruity sweetness in one glass – making it an ideal toast for your Valentine’s Day brunch or dinner.

Pomegranate Mimosa

Two Pomegranate Mimosa cocktails in champagne glasses with a pomegranate behind, in front of a white background.

This cocktail is like a Valentine’s Day morning filled with sweet whispers and tender moments. The Pomegranate Mimosa combines champagne with pomegranate juice, creating a bubbly blend as vibrant as love. Its ruby-red hue makes it an irresistible choice for starting your romantic day.

Sex on the Beach Cocktail

A side shot of a Sex on the Beach cocktail in a highball glass on a white table with a straw, a jigger, a white cloth, and oranges around, in front of a light green background.

If you could bottle a beachside romance under the setting sun, it would taste like the Sex on the Beach Cocktail. This drink combines vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and orange juice to create a refreshing cocktail that’s as captivating as a seaside love story.

French Martini

A side shot of a French Martini cocktail in a martini glass on a white table and red wall on the background, surrounded by red raspberries

Evoking images of Parisian nights and intimate rendezvous, the French Martini is perfect for those seeking extra passion this Valentine’s Day. Typically made with raspberry liqueur, vodka, and pineapple juice, each sip of this cocktail feels like stealing a sweet kiss from your loved one.

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Love Martini

A Love Martini cocktail in a martini glass surrounded by red petals on a black background.

Just as its name suggests, the Love Martini is a cocktail that captures the essence of Valentine’s Day in a glass. Typically made with coconut vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice, this sweet and fruity concoction is like sipping on liquid love letters.

Naked & Famous

A side shot of a Naked and Famous cocktail in a coupe glass on a striped white cloth on a wooden board with three limes, a jigger, a shaker, and a green cloth around, on top of a blue table and in front of a turquoise wall.

This cocktail is as bold and daring as an intense romance novel. The Naked & Famous combines mezcal, yellow chartreuse, Aperol, and lime juice to create a vibrant and smoky drink – perfect for those looking to add excitement to their Valentine’s Day celebration.

Between the Sheets

A side shot of a Between the Sheets cocktail in a cocktail glass on a wooden tray placed on a white cloth with a jigger, 3 lemon pieces, a knife, and a lemon twist around,on a black background.

As tantalizing as a secret rendezvous, the Between the Sheets cocktail brings together rum, brandy, triple sec, and lemon juice into an enticing blend to set hearts racing this Valentine’s Day.

Love and Murder Cocktail

A Love and Murder cocktail in a coupe glass on a black glass table with a green sofa behind.

If you’re drawn to love stories filled with passion and intrigue, then the Love and Murder Cocktail might be your perfect match this Valentine’s Day. Usually made with Campari, Green Chartreuse, lime juice and sugar syrup – each sip of this concoction feels like diving headfirst into a thrilling romance mystery.

Royal Romance Cocktail

A Royal Romance cocktail in a coupe glass with another coupe glasses around.

The Royal Romance cocktail is like a love story taken straight from the pages of a fairy tale. This regal concoction exudes elegance and passion and is typically made with gin, raspberry liqueur, and pomegranate juice. Its rich, ruby hue makes it an ideal choice for toasting to your timeless love story this Valentine’s Day.

Fuzzy Navel Cocktail

A side shot of a Fuzzy Navel cocktail in a low ball glass on a wooden tray surrounded by a bowl with orange slices, a jigger, and a bar spoon.

As its name suggests, the Fuzzy Navel cocktail is all about comfort and warmth – like cuddling up with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Made with peach schnapps and orange juice, this sweet and fruity drink is like sipping on sunshine – even in February!

Bee’s Knees

A side shot of a Bee's Knees cocktail in a coupe glass on a brown coaster surrounded by a lemon peel, a honey syrup jar and a bar spoon, with three lemons and a jigger on the background.

There’s something charmingly vintage about the Bee’s Knees cocktail that makes it perfect for a nostalgic Valentine’s Day celebration. This classic cocktail may be simple, made with gin, honey syrup, and lemon juice, but it’s far from ordinary – much like the best love stories. In the mood for more? Visit our Gin Cocktails page.

Looking for Valentine’s Day-inspired Shots or Shooters? Check out these:

  • Red Velvet Cake Shooter: This shot uses vanilla vodka, Frangelico, and grenadine to mimic the taste of red velvet cake.
  • Love Bite Shot: A delightful mix of cherry liqueur, orange liqueur, and cream that creates a layered effect in the glass.
  • Cupid’s Arrow: This shot is typically made with cranberry juice and peach schnapps, garnished with a maraschino cherry.

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