A side shot of a Mezcalita on a dark table surrounded by nachos, limes, salt, and some mexican decoration.

Mezcal Cocktails and Recipes to Make at Home

Mezcal cocktails blend the rich tradition of Mexican spirit into fun drinks. Mezcal adds a unique touch to every sip with its smoky flavors and simple recipes.

When you think of popular cocktails, you might think of drink names like Margarita, Paloma, Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned, and Negroni. Lots of people love these drinks because they taste great and have cool stories behind them. But what if you added mezcal and turned them into Mezcal cocktails variations? This smoky spirit isn’t just tequila’s rustic cousin but a star in its own right.

Adding mezcal’s strong, smoky taste makes any drink better. You can make refreshing Mezcal drinks for hot days with just 3 easy ingredients. But you can enjoy it not just in summer. It’s also great for fall, keeps you warm in winter, and is perfect for spring.

Feeling like something spicy on a cold night? Or maybe something fruity when it’s sunny? Or do you just want that smoky Mezcal flavor? There’s a Mezcal drink for whatever you’re in the mood for.

30 Best Mezcal Cocktails and Drinks

Our DrinksWorld experts made a great list of top mezcal cocktails, showing recipes for various mezcals. Our production team also made easy videos and step-by-step pictures to help you learn these cocktails quickly. Click on a cocktail to see its mezcal recipe page. And if you want more fun cocktail recipes, don’t forget to check out our best cocktails page.

Mezcal Margarita (Mezcalita)

This cocktail is a smoky twist on a classic favorite. It blends tangy lime juice with sweet agave syrup, creating a refreshing yet fiery drink that stands out.

Mezcal Negroni (Mezcaloni)

A side shot of a Mezcal Negroni cocktail in an old fashioned glass on a wooden coaster placed on a wooden tray surrounded by a white cloth a jigger and a plate with orange wedges

This drink bridges the best of two worlds. Mixing Campari with sweet vermouth offers a bittersweet taste heightened by a smoky hint.

Mezcal Paloma (Smokey Paloma)

A side shot of a Mezcal Paloma in a highball glass on a white coaster placed on a beige table surrounded by a shaker, a green cloth, two grapefruits and two limes.

This is the drink to try for those who love a citrus punch. Combining grapefruit soda with lime juices delivers a fizzy and tangy delight that’s hard to resist.

Oaxacan Old Fashioned

A side shot of an Oaxacan Old Fashioned cocktail in an old fashioned glass on a white coaster placed on a red surface surrounded bya bar spoon, and a jigger

This cocktail combines mezcal with tequila, agave nectar (or simple syrup), and Angostura bitters. The name “Oaxacan” refers to the region of Oaxaca in Mexico, renowned for its mezcal production. 

Mezcal Old Fashioned

This is a direct twist on the classic Old Fashioned but uses mezcal instead of traditional bourbon or rye whiskey. It would typically contain simple syrup and bitters.

Mezcal Mule (Oaxaca Mule)

A refreshing blend of spicy ginger beer and zesty lime makes this drink a crowd-pleaser. Its smoky undertone elevates the traditional mule experience.

Mezcal Last Word

Combining sweet, sour, and herbal elements, this drink is an unexpected delight. It balances green Chartreuse and maraschino liqueur with lime, resulting in a harmonious taste.

Smoky Pineapple

Tropical and tantalizing, this drink captivates with fresh pineapple juice. The smoky edge enhances the natural sweetness, making it perfect for warm evenings.

Naked and Famous (Mezcal Chartreuse)

A side shot of a Naked and Famous cocktail in a coupe glass on a striped white cloth on a wooden board with three limes, a jigger, a shaker, and a green cloth around, on top of a blue table and in front of a turquoise wall.

A delightful blend of bold flavors. The mix of Chartreuse and Aperol adds herbaceous and bitter notes, creating a cocktail that leaves a lasting impression.

Mezcal Martini

This drink brings the classic martini a smoky twist. Dry vermouth and a hint of orange bitters dance together, making every sip a sophisticated experience.

Mezcaletti (Mezcal Amaro)

Bitter meets smoky in this intriguing mix. Amaro, Mezcal and citrus notes come together, creating a drink that stands out in aroma and taste. 

Mezcal and Tonic

Imagine the refreshing burst of tonic water with a backdrop of smoke. A slice of lime or grapefruit can elevate the taste, making this drink a favorite for laid-back moments.

Mezcal Sour

This cocktail shines with its bright and tart flavors. Fresh lemon juice and a touch of sweetener make it a lively choice for those who love a tangy thrill.

Division Bell

A side shot of a Division Bell cocktail in a cocktail glass on a wooden tray placed on a light green table surrounded by a lime and a salmon cloth, in front of a black background.

This drink blends the sweet, the sour, and the herbal perfectly. Aperol and Maraschino liqueur mix with fresh citrus, crafting a refreshingly complex taste.

Smoke on the Water

This drink offers a refreshing blend with a hint of smokiness. Fresh grapefruit and a splash of soda make it ideal for sipping on a warm evening.

Smokey Robinson

With this cocktail, you get a delightful blend of sweet and smoky. Fresh pineapple juice complements the smoke, while a touch of agave adds the right amount of sweetness.

Garden Sour

This drink is like a garden in a glass. Fresh herbs mix with lemon juice, providing a fresh and zesty experience that is hard to resist.

Tequila Gimlet (Giblet)

A side shot of a Tequila Gimlet cocktail in a cocktail glass on a white coaster placed on a light green table surrounded by a bowl with limes and a shaker.

This twist on the classic gimlet is both sharp and refreshing. Lime juice shines through, making it a must-have for those who love tangy drinks.

Mezcal Apple Cider

This drink marries the smokiness of mezcal with the warmth of apple cider. A sprinkle of cinnamon on top makes it the perfect choice for a cozy night in.

Smoky Pear Cocktail

This drink brings the gentle sweetness of pear to the forefront. Paired with a hint of smoke, it’s the ideal choice for someone looking for a fresh yet warm cocktail.

Mezcal Hot Chocolate

This is a warm and comforting drink with a kick. The rich creaminess of hot chocolate blends seamlessly with a smoky hint, making it a perfect treat for chilly nights.

Mezcal Coffee

This beverage offers a morning jolt with a twist. The deep richness of coffee mingles with a smoky undertone, providing a unique start to the day or a delightful after-dinner treat.

Port of Spain Cocktail

This cocktail exudes tropical vibes with a twist. The smoky undertone amplifies Lush fruit flavors, taking you on a sensory journey to a Caribbean paradise.

Ultima Palabra Cocktail

This drink presents a harmonious blend of tangy, sweet, and smoky flavors. Lime and cherry notes dance together, making it a refreshing and distinctive choice for any occasion.

Closing Argument Cocktail

This drink means business. With a bold blend of flavors, it’s the perfect choice for those who want to end their evening on a high note.

Medicina Latina Cocktail

This cocktail offers a healing touch. Honey and ginger swirl with tequila, making it a soothing and revitalizing choice for the palate.

Polar Bear Cocktail

This drink is as refreshing as a dip in icy waters. Minty coolness dances with tequila, offering a chill perfect for hot days or nights.

Tia Mia

A side shot of a Tia Mia cocktail in an old fashioned glass on a wooden board placed on a yellow table surrounded by four lime wedges, a strainer and a shaker

This cocktail is like a warm family hug in a glass. With a mix of fruitiness and Mezcal warmth, it brings cozy gatherings and shared stories to mind.

Mezcal Espresso Martini (La Vive Cocktail)

This beverage wakes you up with flair. Rich coffee notes blend smoothly with mezcal’s bite, making it an electrifying choice for late nights or early mornings.

More Mezcal Cocktails

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Top Mezcal brands to use in Cocktails

For those eager to mix up standout cocktails with Mezcal, any of these 7 Mezcal brands could be your go-to choice:

Del Maguey Single Village

Del Maguey Single Village gets its spirit from individual villages in Oaxaca. Each bottle showcases a unique flavor from its home village. You’ll find tastes from fruity and floral to earthy and smoky. Try it in an Oaxaca Old Fashioned to see its character shine.

Montelobos Mezcal

Montelobos makes its mezcal with an eye on the environment and tradition. This care results in a drink with a signature smoky flavor sprinkled with citrus and salt hints. It works great in refreshing Palomas.

El Silencio Espadín

El Silencio produces an artisanal mezcal from the Espadín agave. This drink offers a creamy, slightly spicy taste with a touch of fruit. It blends well in cocktails, ensuring the drink’s flavors pop without overwhelming.

Ilegal Mezcal

People know Ilegal for its flavorful and smooth mezcals. It carries a taste of roasted agave, fresh green herbs, and a hint of smoke. Bartenders often mix it in various cocktails due to its adaptable profile.

Los Amantes Joven

Los Amantes Joven, a young and clear mezcal, presents flavors of green apple, fresh agave, and a sprinkle of pepper. Its light smokiness and crisp finish make it ideal for cocktails that need a gentle mezcal touch.

Mezcal Vago

This brand impresses with its traditional production methods. Each bottle reflects the land and the makers behind it. Deep earthy flavors, tropical fruit hints, and a smoky touch add depth to cocktails like the Mezcal Mule.

Rey Campero

Rey Campero uses wild agave, giving each bottle a distinct, lively flavor. The perfect balance of floral, fruity, and smoky notes means it can stand out in cocktails, adding a wild twist to the classics.

When to serve Mezcal cocktails?


 Mezcal shines in the summer with smoky notes, especially when mixed with citrus fruits or tropical juices. The Mezcal Paloma blends the spirit with grapefruit and lime juice, while the Mezcarita adds a smoky twist to the classic margarita.


 Cooler weather calls for mezcal mixed with autumn flavors. The Mezcal Apple Cider combines apple cider and lemon, and the Smoky Pear Cocktail mixes it with pear nectar and lemon.


 In winter, mezcal warms up cozy drinks. The Mezcal Hot Chocolate mixes rich chocolate with the spirit, and the Mezcal Coffee pairs freshly brewed coffee with a kick.


Spring herbs elevate mezcal cocktails. The Mezcal Strawberry Smash uses fresh strawberries, basil leaves, lime juice, and agave nectar. The Mezcal Sour blends the spirit with lemon juice and rosemary syrup.

More Popular Cocktail Recipes:

Easy Mezcal Cocktails: Naked and Famous Recipe (and 29 More)

Naked and Famous Cocktail Drink

Naked and Famous Drink Recipe

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Start the party with our simple Naked and Famous recipe, a perfect blend of mezcal, Aperol, and citrus to energize your summer nights!
Prep time: 1 minute
Mixing time: 1 minute
Servings: 1
Calories: 263


  • 1 oz Mezcal
  • 1 oz Yellow Chartreuse
  • 1 oz Aperol
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • Ice cubes
  • Lime wheel or twist - for garnish, optional


  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Measuring Jigger
  • Cocktail Strainer
  • Fine strainer
  • Coupe Glass


  • Prep glass: Fill up your coupe glass with ice cubes to chill it.
  • Add Lime Juice: Squeeze and measure 1 oz fresh lime juice, adding it into the shaker.
  • Add Aperol: Pour in 1 oz Aperol.
  • Add Yellow Chartreuse: Measure and add 1 oz Yellow Chartreuse.
  • Add Mezcal: Pour 1 oz Mezcal into the shaker.
  • Prep shaker: Fill the shaker with ice cubes.
  • Shake Well: Cap the shaker and shake vigorously until the mixture is well-chilled.
  • Strain: Fine strain the cocktail into a chilled coupe glass.
  • Garnish: Add a lime wheel or twist onto the rim of the glass for a decorative touch.



I've experimented with a few swaps here, especially when my bar ran low. For mezcal, tequila is a good alternative; it keeps the agave spirit profile, though it's less smoky. If Yellow Chartreuse is too pricey or hard to find, Strega is an herbal, albeit sweeter, substitute. Aperol is distinct, but Campari can work in a pinch, bringing a deeper bitterness. Always remember substitutes might alter the final taste, but experimentation is part of the fun in mixology!

Making a Pitcher:

  • Scale: To serve 8 people, you'll need 8 oz each of mezcal, Yellow Chartreuse, Aperol, and fresh lime juice.
  • Mix: Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher. Rather than shaking it with ice, I'd chill the mixture in the refrigerator to preserve the consistency. You can add to the mix 20-30 % of water to dilute the drink as you would do with the shaking technique. 
  • Serve: Stir well before serving, pour into individual chilled coupe glasses, and garnish with a lime wheel or twist.

Making it Non-Alcoholic:

For complexity, replace mezcal with a smoky, non-alcoholic distilled spirit or a smoky tea-based infusion. Non-alcoholic herbal liqueurs can mimic Yellow Chartreuse, and for Aperol, try a mix of non-alcoholic orange bitters and a dash of simple syrup. Use fresh lime juice as usual. Combine all in a shaker with ice, shake, strain, and serve in a coupe glass garnished with lime.

Making it Vegan:

The standard Naked and Famous recipe should be vegan, containing no animal products. However, if you're substituting ingredients, verify that they're vegan. Some liqueurs and spirits may use animal products in processing. For a guaranteed vegan version, stick with trusted brands known for their plant-based production methods, and check the labels of non-alcoholic substitutes to ensure no animal-derived ingredients are used.


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