Zodiac Sips: Which Drink Matches Your Sign?

Sharp, inviting, engaging, assertive—we all know the many characteristics used to describe our Zodiac sign, and reluctantly reject or readily accept them. But did you know that cocktails also have their own unique profiles, just like astrology signs? In this guide, we’ve chosen the cocktail that best matches each sign. 


People of this sign tend to be impulsive, brave leaders—even if sometimes a bit stubborn. They love to test their senses, which is why Remember the Main is the perfect drink for Aries. This cocktail, with Rye Whiskey, cherry liqueur, sweet Vermouth, and a hint of Absinthe, offers a complex flavor profile. It starts with the spicy warmth of Rhe Whiskey, followed by the sweet and tart notes from the Cherry Liqueur and Vermouth. Lastly, the Absinthe adds an intriguing hint of anise or licorice aroma. Definitely a cocktail for the bravest.


Practical, responsible, and grounded. Taureans are known for their perseverance and honesty, though sometimes a bit stubborn too. They are sensual conquerors who enjoy tranquility. An Old Fashioned is undoubtedly a great representative for this sign. This classic Whiskey cocktail combines bitters, simple syrup, and a citrus garnish. The name comes from patrons ordering whiskey cocktails made the “old-fashioned way,” meaning no exotic garnishes or additional liqueurs, simple and classic as Taureans.


When talking about chameleon signs, Gemini is the first one that comes to mind. They are versatile, intelligent, and often like to break the rules. While a good shot of Tequila could represent them well, their versatility and intelligence might be better represented by a Tequila Gimlet. This Tequila-based cocktail made with fresh lime juice, lime cordial simple syrup, and high-quality Blanco Tequila, offers a refreshing blend of sweet and sour flavors.


Loyal, warm, and sentimental, Cancers have the perfect blend of sweetness and passion. What better way to represent them than with a Strawberry Daiquiri? This cocktail perfectly blends elegance with simplicity. Sweet and eye-catching, it’s a very popular cocktail that attracts everyone, just like cancers.


Extroverted, leaders, and sometimes a bit superficial. Leo knows what they want, and their cocktail is the “Negroni.” This strong cocktail has a unique blend of bitter and sweet flavors, making it a popular choice. It’s a cocktail for leaders.


People of this sign are known for being perfectionists, organized, reserved, and sometimes a bit critical. They are self-demanding individuals who like to give their best. So, the Dry Martini fits them perfectly. It is a classic cocktail that also epitomizes sophistication. As Virgos, the Dry Martini is a simple yet refined drink.


Coconut mojito

Libras are known for their constant search for balance, which can make them indecisive sometimes. Their strong sense of justice and loyalty make them known for their kindness. And since Libras also like to play, the Coconut Mojito is the perfect cocktail for them. This tropical twist on a classic drink combines Rum, luscious coconut, and tangy lime. Although it seems like a complicated cocktail, it’s actually very simple and friendly. If you’re a Libra, you’ll feel seen for sure.


Passionate, conflicted, fighters, and perhaps a bit manipulative, Scorpios are best represented by the Bloody Mary, an intense and magnetic cocktail. Savory and tangy, the name Bloody Mary carries a certain mystique, and while its origins are debated, its place in cocktail history is undeniable. An authentic cocktail, yet classic at the same time.


Spontaneous, nonconformist, adventurous—one of your favorite pastimes is breaking the rules. You love the unexpected and trying new things. The name says it all. “Pornstar Martini” is the perfect cocktail for this sign. A refreshing and exciting drink. People know this drink for its bold and exotic flavors, and its name adds a playful touch to the cocktail menu as Sagittarius in life.


Hardworking, serious, dedicated, natural leaders, ambitious, and passionate, Capricorns are best represented by the “Champagne Cocktail.” Historians trace its origins to high society gatherings in the 19th century. The name is simple and elegant, and The Champagne Cocktail offers a sophisticated flavor profile, balancing the effervescence of Champagne with the sweetness of sugar and the aromatic complexity of bitters. The perfect mix—like the Capricorns.


Quirky, analytical, innovative and originals, Aquarius’ love to try new things, so why not? The “Naked and Famous” cocktail is a great representative of this sign. The name ‘Naked and Famous’ is a playful nod to the cocktail’s transparent yet bold nature. Definitely not a cocktail for classic people. 


Las but not least. Romantic, intuitive, sensitive and deep, the classic descriptors for Pisceans. The “Lemon Drop Martini” is an unforgettable drink, as are pisceans. It’s a drink that’s both tangy and sweet, and straightforward yet sophisticated appeal.  An intuitive cocktail for an intuitive sign.



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