A Fiesta of Flavors with Various Types of Margaritas

Here are all the best types of Margaritas! Explore everything from the classic Margarita to all the fruity-flavored tequila twists.

If there’s one drink that always stays popular, it’s the classic Margarita. This refreshing drink made first in the early 20th century, has shown it never goes out of style…because it’s just that good! And when you open the menu at your favorite Mexican restaurant or bar, it’s astonishing to see how many types and variations of this beloved cocktail there are! There is even a special day dedicated to it yearly called National Margarita Day on February 22nd.

How to Serve a Margarita?

A traditional Margarita is usually served “Straight up”, which means it’s shaken with ice and then strained into a cocktail or margarita glass without ice. However, Margaritas can also be served “on the rocks” (shaken with ice and strained into a glass over fresh ice) or blended with ice to make a Frozen Margarita. The choice between on the rocks, up, or frozen is largely a personal preference.

“Making a margarita is an art, not just a cocktail. From the classic lime to the exotic pomegranate, each type has its own personality that brings joy to every sip.”

The 10 Best Margarita Recipes

Our DrinksWorld bartenders created dozens of unique variations and adaptations, from popular fruity options like strawberry and mango to spicy variations with jalapeño. We’ve selected a list of 10 diverse recipes to try:

 1. Classic Margarita

A side shot of a Margarita cocktail in a coupe glass on a black stone plate placed on a blue table surrounded by lime wedges and on a pink background colour.

The best Margarita? The one made with the classic recipe! The ingredients include 2 ounces of tequila, 1 ounce of lime juice, and 1 ounce of Cointreau or Triple Sec, all shaken with ice and strained into a salt-rimmed glass. This famous drink is believed to have been created in the early 20th century and is recognized as an official cocktail by the International Bartender Association. It’s one of the most ordered drinks at bars.

 2. Strawberry Margarita

A side shot of a Strawberry Margarita in a hurricane glass on a silver metal tray on a black table surrounded by a strainer, a red cloth and a strawberry.


Want a cool drink with a delicious, frosty taste? Check out this Strawberry Margarita recipe! This twist on the classic will surely wow your guests because it’s simply too yummy to resist! It highlights the most popular flavor, strawberry, complemented by the sharp lime and the tequila, with a splash of orange liqueur for the perfect finish.

 3. Mango Margarita

Three Mango Margarita cocktails in margarita glasses on a white board placed on a white table with two diced mangoes and a jigger around.

Looking for a fun, fresh, and cool drink? Try the Mango Margarita! It has sweet mango that makes the sour lime taste just right, and orange liqueur adds a bit of citrus sweetness. It’s a fruity drink that looks good and tastes even better.

 4. Spicy Margarita

Two Spicy Margarita cocktails in low ball glasses on a black tray surrounded by a green chili pepper, a lime wedge, and red salt.

Craving a cocktail with a kick? Try the Spicy Margarita! This twist is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of heat. It features the classic lime and tequila base but with an added punch of spicy jalapeno or habanero peppers. The sweet orange liqueur helps balance the spice, while a salted rim adds an extra layer of flavor.

 5. Frozen Margarita

A side shot of a Frozen Margarita cocktail in a margarita glass on a white marmol table surrounded by lime wedges, with a strainer and a jigger on the background.

When it’s really hot outside and you need something super cool, try this drink: the Frozen Margarita! This icy version is a total game-changer. It’s cold and refreshing like someone made the lime flavor in the usual drink even stronger. It’s a must-try!

 6. Cadillac Margarita

A side shot of a Cadillac Margarita cocktail in a cocktail glass on a wooden tray surrounded by two lime wedges, a bowl with three limes, a shaker and a white cloth

Try the Cadillac Margarita for a luxury twist on your classic drink! It’s the classic recipe but upgraded with top-shelf tequila and a splash of cognac-based orange liqueur. This cocktail is smooth, citrusy, and delicious. Give this Cadillac ride of flavors a spin! When ordering the Cadillac variant at a bar, ask for a high-quality tequila, such as Don Julio Reposado or Patron Añejo.

 7. Devil’s Margarita

A Devils Margarita cocktail in a margarita glass on a white surface and light blue background.

This cocktail has a complex taste! It includes tequila, lime juice, and simple syrup. But then, it receives a delightful float of red wine on top that adds depth to its flavor and creates a visually striking layered effect in the glass. It’s definitely an adventurous take on your regular drink!

 8. Pineapple Margarita

Three Pineapple Margarita cocktails in low ball glasses on a white tray placed on a light blue surface surrounded by six lime wedges and a pineapple slice.

Want a tropical drink with a fun twist? Give this recipe a go! It’s great for those who like fruity drinks. It has sweet pineapple that goes well with the sour lime and strong tequila base. A bit of orange liqueur adds more citrus flavor to this tasty drink.

 9. Mezcal Margarita

A shot of a spicy honey mezcal margarita cocktail with lime and ice in an old fashioned glass on a grey surface.

This variant is a smoky, complex twist: Instead of using Tequila, it features Mezcal. It includes fresh lime juice and agave nectar or simple syrup for sweetness. Some versions may also include a splash of orange liqueur. The drink is usually served in a salt-rimmed glass over ice, garnished with a lime wheel.

 10. Blue Margarita

A Blue Margarita cocktail in margartia glass on a light brown wooden surface with sun reflection from behind.

The Blue Margarita gets its distinctive bright blue color from adding blue curaçao, a liqueur flavored with the dried peel of the Laraha citrus fruit. It’s perfect for summer parties or any occasion to serve something that stands out. Give it a try!

While we’ve covered a range of delightful variations in our top 10 list, we feel it would be incomplete without mentioning another fan favorite, the Peach Margarita. This enticing drink typically includes tequila, fresh lime juice, peach schnapps or fresh peaches, and sometimes a splash of triple sec.

A Peach Margarita cocktail in a margarita glass garnish with a peach wedge, with a blurred blue background.

No Alcohol? No Problem

A Virgin Margarita, or Mocktail Margarita, is a healthier, non-alcoholic take on the classic drink, with fewer calories and beneficial hydration and vitamin C from fresh citrus juices.

The drink typically includes fresh lime juice and orange juice or a non-alcoholic triple sec substitute to mimic the citrusy sweetness of the original recipe. Some versions may include lemon juice or use agave nectar or simple syrup to add sweetness.

Tips to Make a Margarita Lika a PRO

It’s National Margarita Day, and you want to impress your friends with your cocktail-making skills? Look no further! Here are some expert tips on how to craft the perfect cocktail like a true professional.

  1. Use Quality Ingredients: The taste of your margarita heavily depends on the quality of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur you use. Always opt for high-quality ingredients.
  2. Fresh Lime Juice: Bottled lime juice can’t match the fresh-squeezed flavor. It’s worth the extra effort to squeeze fresh limes for your margarita.
  3. Balance Your Flavors: A good margarita balances sweet, sour, and strong flavors. Adjust your ingredients until you find the perfect mix for your taste buds.
  4. Chill Your Glass: A cold glass will keep your margarita cooler longer and enhance its refreshing qualities.
  5. Salt the Rim: This is optional, but a salted rim can add more flavor to your margarita.
  6. Shake it Well: Shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice to properly blend them and chill the drink before serving.
  7. Ice Matters: Make sure to use good-quality ice for your drinks. As it contains less impurities and air pockets, high-quality ice melts more slowly avoiding the risk of over-dilution.

Salt stick to the rim of wine glass

(… And if you really do have no time, go for the pre-mixed cocktail versions of Jose Cuervo, Tres Agaves, or Master of Mixes.)

The Unclear History of the Margarita

The exact origin of the Margarita is unclear, with several claims to its creation. Some people say a man named Carlos “Danny” Herrera made it in his restaurant in 1938 for a customer who could only drink tequila. Others think a rich lady named Margarita Sames made it for a party in 1948. Another story is that a bartender named Santos Cruz made it for singer Peggy Lee in 1948. 

Regardless of its true origins, by the 1970s, the Margarita had become one of America’s most popular cocktails.

More cocktail recipes

There are so many cocktails to try outside of these drinks! Here are more recipes


  1. Can I swap tequila for mezcal in my margarita? Absolutely! Swapping tequila for mezcal in your margarita can add a unique, smoky flavor to the cocktail. Mezcal is made from agave, like tequila, but it’s cooked in a pit, which gives it its distinctive smoky taste. Just keep in mind that the flavors are different, so it will change the taste of your drink.
  2. What is the best tequila to use in a margarita? Patrón Silver is the best margarita tequila due to its smoothness and high quality. Don Julio Blanco and Espolòn Blanco are also excellent choices that offer clean, pure flavors ideal for mixing.
  3. What is a Daisy? No one knows who came up with the idea for the margarita drink. It might have started from an older drink called a “Daisy”. This drink had lime juice, orange liquor, and brandy in it. The name “margarita” is also the Spanish word for “daisy”, which supports this theory.
  4. What is a Skinny Margarita? It contains tequila, lime juice freshly squeezed, agave nectar, and orange juice as a substitute for triple sec. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a refreshing alcoholic drink while keeping their calorie count in check.


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