Craft Beer glasses

7 Best Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

People who enjoy a good craft beer can be a difficult bunch to buy for. You can’t gift them ale because you wouldn’t know where to start (their words, not ours!) 

Which means you need some guidance – and we’re here to help. From starter kits and hop seeds, to personalised glasses, there’s a present for every beer enthusiast to enjoy…  

1. Home Brew Starter Kit

Craft beer gifts

Maybe you know a craft beer lover that’s a bit of a control freak. Maybe they’re a little precious over which beers they like and how they like them. Then, this is the gift for them!

Give them control over the whole brewing process with this home brew starter kit. 

Firstly, choose from a range of four different types of craft beer kits, including two IPAs, a pale ale and a stout. Once you’ve selected your kit, it’s time to simply wrap up and gift them this little delight. 

With a whole host of ingredients and equipment, it’s never been so easy to brew beer (or so fun). 

2. Mini Craft Beer Tasting Book

Craft beer gifts

Never let your craft beer lover take a sip without jotting down their thoughts and feelings over the latest APA at their nearest tap house. 

Journalling is the rage these days and why not extend that to an alcoholic beverage? 

There is an array of aspects to consider when judging each and every craft beer. 

There’ll be no need to rack their brains around which IPAs they’ve tippled and which they’ve not with this little detailed tasting book. 

Happy tastings!  

3. Craft Beer Seed Set

Craft beer gifts

If your ale lover is also a plant lover, then they’re guaranteed to be a fan of cool gift. This craft beer seed set takes you right back to the start of the beer journey – the hops. 

Enjoy copious amounts of flowering hops year after year with this very easy seed selection. 

As long as you’ve got yourself a nice pot for the hops to call home, then all that’s left is to plant and care. 

Plus, it’s ideal for those living in towns and cities, as well as cool climates, so perfect for the craft beer lovers of Williamsburg and Harlem. 

4. Beer Cap Coasters

Craft beer gifts

Beer bottle caps can be a bit of a collector’s item. These days, graphic designers work just as hard on the cap as they do the extravagant label art, so it’s no surprise your drawers are full of the little buggers. 

But now you can finally do something useful with them! 

With nine colourful and unique bottle caps, you’ll be able to fill these beer cap coasters – a nice piece of craft beer art to adorn a coffee table or mini bar.

Choose from a selection of either oak or walnut material for the coaster and your craft beer lover will relish the opportunity to showcase their drinking experience to guests. 

5. 100 Craft Beers Scratch-off Bucket List 

Craft beer gifts

You know the gold scratch-off world maps that travel lovers hang on their walls? Well, now there’s something for the craft beer experts, too. The top 100 craft beers have officially been chosen and it’s up to your craft beer lover to scratch them all off!

Whether it’s a simple BrewDog Punk IPA or a rare Partizan Saison Lemongrass, it’ll be an exciting and tasty challenge for them in 2024.  

Get them scratching like a chicken pox-ridden child with this gift, but please drink responsibly! 

6. Personalised Engraved Beer Glass

Craft beer gifts

No top gift list would be complete without an engraved piece of glassware and we couldn’t resist adding this one. 

It’s a personalised beer glass that boasts a “sleek, modern design with a solid weight to prevent from topping over”, according to the product description. 

But most interestingly, it’s designed in such a way to encourage the beer’s aromatic flavours out in every sip. 

By gifting this glass, not only are you giving them a thoughtful personalised present, but you’re also giving them an avenue for total beer discovery! 

7. IPA Beer Can Candles 

Craft beer gifts

Lastly, we’ve got something a bit gimmicky but something that would complete any room, especially at Christmas.

A small family business is offering upcycled Brewdog cans as candles. You can either choose from a red ‘Hoppy Xmas’ or a green ‘Mistletoe Mafia’ to sit on your shelf.  

These beautifully scented soy candles can come wrapped in seasonal wrapping paper, if you don’t have the time, skills or patience to deal with wrapping gifts. 

Alongside a rich stout is the best way to enjoy these candles…

Treating craft beer lovers has never been easier with these top gifts.  Merry Christmas and a Hoppy New Year! 



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